Decisions, decisions

This time I am sharing the reading I did for myself, because the decision I had to make only seemed easy to me. So I reached for the cards to see if there was anything I wasn’t taking into account? Is there something I don’t want to notice? Let’s see what tips I got.

I have divided this spread into 2 parts: what if I make a decision that is on my mind, and what if I decide to do nothing about the current situation and let things take their course.

The first question is about the most likely outcome I will get if I decide to act. Here I got not one, but two cards: the 7 of Wands and the Page of Wands. Both cards tell me about creativity, the inspiration that what I do gives me, and how good it will feel to make this decision: I will literally be in my element.

Then I asked about the pros of this situation and got a 9 of Coins in the third position. Beautiful card, right? It speaks of abundance, financial success. So it seems that not only would making this decision not make my financial situation worse, but it would actually improve my overall satisfaction, because happiness for me is not only about money.

The third question on this side of the spread was about the downsides of this situation, and I got it in the fourth position of King of Wands. This is where the cards got me thinking. Let’s note that they are still Wands, which means I am still in my element, motivated and full of inner fire. The thing is, in a negative position, this usually positive King shows that it is worth holding my horses, taking a breath. Think twice or thrice about what you want to do, because the dark side of this card says: you are acting too hastily, you are making hasty decisions… It doesn’t have to necessarily say that the decision itself is not right, it’s just says I need to check if I am really taking everything into account.

So let’s move on to the other side of the reading, where I asked what the most likely outcome would be if I decided to do nothing about the situation and let things run their course. And here is a very interesting card – in the second position 6 of Swords. This card tells me about the changes that will come anyway – maybe it will be related to the fact that I will get additional help, maybe then it will not be necessary for me to take action at all, because I will not be alone in all this.

In the fifth position we have the card of the Major Arcana – the only such card in this spread – number 14, Temperance. This is about the need to maintain balance, reason, combine all pros and cons into the most coherent wholeness. The question was what are the advantages of not taking any action and doing nothing. So it looks like if I don’t do anything and don’t put into action what’s on my mind, the situation will be stable and maybe even improving. The fourteenth Major Arcana is a very strong and positive card that also shows that we are able to combine various factors to get something new that will be even better.

In position six, we have a card showing what the weaknesses are if I choose not to act, and here’s the Page of Swords. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. It seems like if I choose to do nothing and make no decisions, let things run their course, I’ll keep running thoughts about another way to solve my issue, anyway. Sort of rumination.

Why did I say I couldn’t agree more with this card? Because I’m not the kind of person to let things run their course. On the contrary, I believe, I create my own life and such a passive waiting and watching the situation is not entirely in line with my character and personality. And this Page of Swords shows exactly that.

Am I the only one who has the impression that suddenly this left side of the layout doesn’t seem to be the best solution anymore?

The last card in my reading is number seven, the 4 of Coins, which is the answer to the question, what is the advice for me from my spirit guides?

And here’s a little side note. Tarot cards, even created according to the classic tradition, are not always the same. Creators, artists, authors really have a lot of space for imagination, their intuition or their own understanding of the message of a given card and its symbolism. Therefore, it may happen that one card, even in the classic Tarot, created by many different artists or creators, will place a slightly different emphasis on the basic message of a given card.

And here we have just such a situation. I don’t recall any of my decks, and there are a lot of them, showing the 4 of Coins in this particular way. What do you see on this card? I see a character who is very focused on protecting their belongings,  probably  treasure or money. It’s as if the card were to ask: Are you afraid of not having enough? 

So it seems that the tip I asked for on this last card is to put less weight on the financial side and the consequences that my decision may have for the overall satisfaction and happiness are not only about money. I probably should let go of this fear of financial loss. (What has already been said by 9 of Pentacles in the beginning of the reading.)

When someone asks me if I can do a “yes or no” reading, i.e. should I accept this job offer? Is this purchase a good decision? That is, questions that require a black and white yes or no answer – then I answer I don’t do such readings because the cards are incapable of saying a clear yes or a clear no in my opinion. However, I am always open to doing the reading as it is now when there are two options, that is, you can go two ways, and maybe three, if you want, and consider: what are the advantages of a given situation if I choose option A? And what are the downsides if I choose option A? But what would it look like if I chose option B? What will be the pros and cons then?

A slightly more extensive spread will give us a much more complete picture of the situation. It’s no longer like we’re looking at our situation through a keyhole. Now we have the whole door open wide, thanks to which making a decision will be much easier.

Thank you for your time, as always, I appreciate it! If you feel that what I do resonates with you, I invite you to contact me and order personal reading.

I’m sending lots of good vibes 🤍

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