New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon is a very interesting moment in month because we can pause for a second and think of what it is that we want to achieve. It’s great time for setting your intentions, working on your goals and trying to find out the way to achieve them. 

Few days ago we had New Moon in Pisces and this reading is for a person who wanted to know how to use their energy in the best possible way during the next four weeks. So let’s start.

The first card answers the question what is the main theme of this Pisces season, and here we have 6 of Pentacles. This card symbolizes the need of balance between giving and receiving and – depending on the situation of the seeker – it can be about personal life, professional life, or both. Yet we need to remember it’s not only about the financial aspect, it’s also about our time, or energy, or help, so in other words everything that we give to others we should also be open and ready to receive from them because it’s the only way to achieve balance and harmony. 

The second card is an answer to the question how can this person tap more and deeper into their intuition during the cycle and here an amazing card of Major Arcana, the Magician.. The Magician is talking about tapping into the intuition and good feelings, how amazing is that! It’s a very clear sign for the Seeker that it’s really the time for them to create the vision of the life they desire and to start working on it, because it is the only way to manifest their dream life in reality. The person on the card shows „as above, so below” because we cannot only think or dream about something without doing anything! We do need to take some action!

And this is very nicely connected to the card number six, answering the question about following dreams and desires, 2 of Swords. In this particular reading such a card symbolizes that decisions have to be made and what’s more important, they need to be made not only using the mind , the brain, the logic, but also using the heart and intuition. In other words, this person needs to trust their intuition and gut feelings and start acting on them.

And that’s not the end! There is one more card in this reading that is conveying exactly the same message: what does this person need to focus on during the cycle? The answer from Tarot is reversed 3 of Wands. In this very reading this is the symbol and very direct message to start acting. (AGAIN). There’s no more time for waiting, for expecting whatever. It’s the time in this person’s life, when they really need to do the work. 

Card number four is the answer to what does this person need to let go now and we got the card of 5 of Cups.. This is next amazing response. Why? Because the person on this particular card is sad and busy mourning over some things that have already happened. But the lesson is, what happened, happened, and we do need to move on, turn our back to past and start going forward. We need to start creating and working on our future.

On the position number five we got two cards: 9 of Swords and 4 of Swords and they are the response to the question how can this person better express their emotions during this lunar cycle. And here we have two very concrete and direct pieces of advice: the first one, this person really needs to get out of their headspace because ruminating and focusing on negative and worrying and stressing thoughts isn’t going to help anyway. The second piece of advice suggests to stay away from dramas of other people, mind their own business, and just to stay calm, to rest even. 

What would be the next step for this person to consider? Princess of Pentacles so in traditional Tarot decks it’s the equivalent of Page of Pentacles. This stands for learning, honing your skills, getting better and better in your field. It could stand for a course or training, too. Again, action.

The last card of this spread is card number eight with a message from Spirit Guides of Seeker and here they got Major Arcana number 21 which is the World. In my personal opinion that would be the best card possible to get here because the World stands for success, abundance and fruitful future. In other words should this person follow the pieces of advice received from this reading, bright and successful future is awaiting them.

As you already know by now I almost always include one extra card being an esoteric symbol of the reading. In this spread this is the card number six of Major Arcana, the Lovers, and yet again we received exactly the same message: the Seeker needs to make a decision, they need to make up their mind and take some action following this decision. 

It’s really unbelievable how consistent and coherent this reading turned out to be. So to be even more precise I decided to create some sort of summary which will be almost an action plan for the seeker, based on the cards received:

  1. The main theme of next four weeks for you is balance and harmony in  being the giver and receiver in all aspects of your life and it concerns not only the finances, but also your time and/or your energy.
  2. How can you achieve this balance?
    1. Let go of the past, because what happened, happened
    2. Let go of worrying and stressing thoughts, because rumination is not helping here
    3. Stay calm and stay away from other people’s dramas 
  3. What do you do during the cycle:
    1. Create a vision of your life
    2. Take a little step towards it every single day, however small 
    3. Hone your skills, learn, study, and read as much as you can about your area of interest
  4. Trust your heart and gut feelings, not only logical thinking
  5. Be very selective for and to whom you give your energy, time, financial resources during these four weeks
  6. Have hope and faith regarding the outcome

You’ll probably agree that it is very actionable plan with very specific steps to take. Will the seeker decide to follow the advice given? I don’t know. I think though that for everyone who is open and ready to do some work, this would be truly amazing opportunity to get down to work and just started going. I would be happy to let you know how the situation is after this whole lunar cycle so hopefully we will hear from the seeker after 20th of March when this Pisces season will come to an end.

As always, thank you for your time. If you are interested in getting the reading yourself, feel free to contact me.

Sending good vibes!🤍

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