Love From a Dating Site

Every single reading is different and unique exactly the same way we all are unique. And yet, from time to time, I am even more amazed by the reading I do. And this is one of such astonishing situations. The Seeker is asking about possible relationship with someone met online. And that’s why I decided to do this modified partnership spread. 

The 1st position is the card representing the Seeker and the 5th position is the card representing the partner, the Devil and the Hierophant respectively. Of course both cards are very important Major Arcanas and as you probably already know I always pay extra attention to them during the readings. Here the situation is very interesting because the first look at these cards shows us total opposites. Yet the Devil doesn’t have to mean anything bad at this point – just that the Seeker wants or desires something more from the future partner who is shown here as more traditional or even conventional type of possible spouse. 

The card in the 2nd position speaks of the hopes of the inquirer, and the card in the 6th position – the hopes of a potential partner. 9 of Pentacles reversed and Page of Pentacles. And again we have the same type of cards, before it was two Major Arcana cards, and now we have two Coin cards. The Seeker seems to hope for an improvement in their financial situation, or be afraid of its deterioration if they decide to enter into a relationship with a newly met person. On the other hand, this potential partner seems to hope to start something new, to open a new chapter in life, to start a family, to start a permanent relationship.

The card in the 3rd position tells what the Seeker brings or can bring to the relationship, and the card in the 7th position – what the future partner brings or can bring to the relationship. Again, we have two cards of the same type, 7 of Wands and 9 of Wands, respectively. There is already an amazing symmetry in this reading. The 7 of Wands indicates that the Seeker may enter into a relationship with certain fears, anxiety, a feeling that they must necessarily defend themselves or their resources (which would be connected with the earlier reversed 9 of Pentacles, talking about the fear of worsening of financial situation). On the other hand, the 9 of Wands in a potential partner shows that he is faithful to his principles, determined and ready to even compromise so that this relationship can be arranged and develop successfully.

Card number 4 answers the question of how the Seeker will feel when they decide to enter this relationship, and card number 8 – how the potential partner will feel when he decides to enter this relationship. This time we have court cards, in both cases they are Wands and respectively the King of Wands for the Seeker and the Queen of Wands for the potential mate. This is the fourth time (!) the cards are arranged so symmetrically and so consistently provide answers. It seems the Seeker would feel like a leader in this relationship, the proverbial head of the family, while their partner would be a follower, a partner more willing to conform, perhaps even more willing to make concessions.

In the 9th position there is a card that answers the question of what makes these two people close to each other and it is the Knight of Cups – a beautiful, beautiful card about developing emotions, mutual fascination, potentially developing feelings. Absolutely spot on, considering that we are talking about a romantic partnership, not a business one, and about two people who met on a dating site.

The 10th position is to answer the question of what is the advice to the Seeker, and here the Tarot has gave us the Major Arcana card, Priestess. The Priestess, however, does not give a clear answer, the Priestess says literally: deep down in your heart, deep in your soul, you already know what you feel and what you want to choose, what decision to make. The answers are already within you, you just need to have the courage to find them.

The last card in this spread is the 5 of Cups that came out during the shuffle. I decided to include it, and it turns out to be right because the 5 of Cups says it may happen that a person will focus more on what they lack or do not have or what is beyond their reach, instead of focusing a little more on that what’s okay, what’s good, what’s left of them. One could go back to the Devil card here, representing the Seeker, and note that indeed, their focus on what more they would like to get from a potential partner is precisely this focus on lack instead of what is good and what suits them .

I hope now you can see why I found this particular spread so moving. I have never done a partner reading before, in which the cards were so symmetrical, so different on the one hand, and from the same family on the other.

Very interesting reading and very interesting tips from the cards for the person asking.

What decision will they make? Will they decide to enter into a relationship with this partner? Will they decide to somehow lower their expectations so that the Devil card no longer represents them, like the reversed 9 of Pentacles? Will they decide to get over the differences and move forward, as indicated by the 5 of Cups, or are their expectations so important to them that they won’t abandon them for this particular potential partner?

In my spreads, regardless of their main theme, the cards never show one right way, but possible options and scenarios that we sometimes cannot or even do not want to accept. Perhaps someday we will find out what decision the Seeker made. February is often considered to be the month of love and I wish the same for all you, my dear readers.

Sending good vibes.

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